Shipwrecks. African drum beats. And those famous shorts. The island’s culture is a rich fusion of British colonial history and African heritage that has developed into something unlike anywhere else in the world.

As Britain's oldest colony, its influence continues to dominate the local government, educational and legal institutions. You may spot one of its judges walking through Hamilton in a powdered wig, see a bobby directing traffic or overhear a passionate conversation about a local cricket match.

African influences, while subtler, can be found in its dance and music, especially reggae, calypso and the rhythm of the Gombeys—their magnificent dancing and drumming troupes that often take to the streets.

Bermuda's impeccable location in the Atlantic keeps its island warmed by the Gulf Stream and the sun's rays, but free of the tropics' relentless heat. Bermuda's extraordinarily pleasant climate rarely sees extremes of either hot or cold.

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